In our last conversation we shared some information about the recruitment process. Passing through the HR solutions Frontall USA offers, it was possible to visualize what a candidate expects when recruiters approach them with a job opportunity.

We have promised to share with you some tips based on our recruitment team experience, by the end of October’s blog. So, as agreed, today we’ll talk about how you can organize your recruitment material to improve your operation of recruitment and achieve faster results.

Some information isn’t exclusive of tech, temporary or direct hiring recruitment; it means some good practices are shared and part of the recruitment process itself.

Some of them are:

  1. The recruiter must have access to a full description of the vacancy, with information like:
  • Scope of the position
  • Sectors it relates to
  • Organizational culture of the company
  • If there is a possibility of growth in the company and how it happens
  • Salary and benefits
  • Location
  • Negotiable and non-negotiable items about the position
  1. The information about the vacancy needs to be sent fast to the recruitment team, it demands an open communication channel between the recruitment and the one who is demanding the position.
  2. The benefits and payment need to be equalized with the level of experience and skills the vacancy demands.
  3. Also, understanding the organizational mood of the company helps the recruitment team to find people with the proper profile.

Beyond the expected information it’s important to understand the reality of each kind of hiring, it can be unproductive for the hiring process to expect something from a candidate that the job offer doesn’t equally deliver, for example:

  • In temporary positions, expecting loyalty of the employees without giving them a great payment and benefits is fruitless, because the hiring type doesn’t offer stability.
  • Listening to the candidates and understand their real necessities as important as offer a nice payment, on direct hiring and tech positions.
  • The skilled candidates are concerned about life quality and how their work will affect their families. So, companies with a strong organizational culture, focused on employee wellness have a competitive advantage in the recruitment market.

The tips we have organized here can give you a nice panorama about what to consider in an open job position and how to improve your search for the right candidate or help the recruitment team like Frontall’s to have a better performance on finding your candidate.