High season is coming! Is your company prepared to deliver a good customer experience in the second half of 2022? Many important dates await us, and we need to be sure that we’ll deliver the best available service. 

Do you know what you need to ensure that it happens?  

It’s undeniable the impact that dates as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years have on direct sales and the increased demand for logistics, transportation, and warehousing services in the United States.  

Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the spot where you want to take your company and your team in the coming months. Understanding demands you intend to meet in the market and how far you can go with your current structure in order to provide a good service or to deliver a good-quality product. So, it’s essential to visualize the necessary actions to ensure that 2022 brings you success. 

It’s an amazing opportunity to find new leads 

High season can be a suitable time for the American industry that handles with service providers such as restaurants, transportation, and warehouses. Also, an excellent opportunity to show that you are efficient in the market and to stand out in a positive way in the lives of the final consumer. 

At this moment, it’s when everyone expects a lot and in a brief time that you will have the opportunity to show the market that you are able to achieve the expectations that you have sought for all year through a good relationship with your public. Now it is the time to show what your company can do!  

Has your team already planned its next steps? Do you already have a plan for the demand that the market expects you to meet during this period? It is especially important to conduct a general market research at this time, to understand how much your clients will require during this period.  

Using Frontall USA as an example, we always try to identify what were our clients’ needs in the previous year during this same period. Based on the growth expected from them we plan for the year to come and we prepare our team to serve our clients during the high season, in order to meet the necessary demands. 

How can you ensure a great costumer service in the high season? 

In spite of having a clear planning and your goals well-set is important, understanding what your customer really needs is just as crucial. Whether you are a service provider or a product seller. The last two years have changed everyone’s take on things and its relationship with everything. In addition, this has changed the behavior of our community resulting in a change of demands.  

Listening to what your customers really need instead of imposing your solutions upon them can be what sets you apart at this period. Making sure that there are no doubts about the process and eliminating communication noise are always the key to a good business relationship. 

It may sound cliché, but we believe that the ones who make Frontall USA achieve its goals is our team. From the intern to our managers, they are the ones who make the company happen every single day, therefore all the positive feedback we receive is the result of this collective effort. For this reason, we consider it extremely important to have an aligned and skilled team.  

How are your adjustments thought out to run fully during the high season in the American market? Is your current team prepared to handle it or will you need temporary hires?  

It is important to foresee the capacities of our team to attend to the market’s needs. In order to be able to meet the volume of demand with quality and efficiency. For this, it is necessary not only to have an adequate number of people, but also time to prepare them for the challenges that the second half of the year will bring. 

How is your team? 

We’re coming to the end of today’s conversation and that’s why we need to call you to action! If your calendar is ready and you have your goals in hand, it’s time to call your management team to find out what is needed to achieve them.  

You may need to invest in extra workforce or adjust some organizational processes. Trying to predict these needs in your planning and look for effective, high-performance solutions is crucial.  

Keep in mind that investing in training at all stages of contacting with your client is vital, as well as ensuring a process free of rework/rebounded work is essential for you at this moment of the market.  

Frontall USA wishes the entire US industry a great second half of the year!

And if you need our expertise as an HR Solutions company, we are at your service!