Almost two years after the pandemic upended labor markets, job openings are plentiful, yet workers have not fully returned. The broader trend of plentiful jobs and not enough workers can have major implications for growth.

Income support programs during the pandemic allowed workers to be picky, slowing job applications, acceptances and, ultimately, the employment recovery, even though labor market has gained strength.

There is an acute shortage of workers, with a near record number of job openings, keeping layoffs minimal.  

Recruiting takes time. Your concern doesn’t have to. As a partner of ours, be seen by lots of qualified workers.

Frontall USA is committed to provide good service by presenting qualified workers for the most varied roles.  The skill in search for the right person for each company is what sets us apart, combined with a range of top-quality services. Outsourcing, temporary, payroll, IT, training and BPO are part of our daily routine, and we want you to be part of our history.

We have the experience to supply your needs with great talents and leave you free to produce and execute your tasks. The production is yours and the hiring is ours.

We have over ten years’ experience in the US and Latin America, which qualifies us to be your next great partner.

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