Lately the digital economy has grown rapidly and it tends to keep growing by the clock!  

Nowadays being in the digital world and the use of technology is mandatory, because we live in a world that is more competitive by the day. In that sense, moving towards digitalization has become not only essential, but also a priority to maintain your business’ health, to promote its brand awareness and also to prevent the so called black-swan events such as global economy crash or even a global health crisis. 

Studies show that the more a country has its economy digitalized, the more this country is developed because digitalization works as an engine for improvement. Besides that, having IT employees as part of the workforce prevents companies from going through cyber-attacks and data loss. 

For this matter, it’s crystal clear that every day the IT workforce is more and more necessary to supply this growing industry. As shown below, in order for these employees to perform a high-quality job, the skills needed are: 


As we have seen, the presence of an IT professional is indispensable, even if your company does not work with complex software. The whole industry around the world has turned its attention to technology professionals, to create, test, and keep the whole networks up and running, as well as ensure the data security of all who use them.  

Companies in the pharmaceutical niche, for example, can rely on software developers to create applications that integrate their products with the customers’ lifestyle. Linking the company’s content creation to the products it sells, offering special conditions for application users.  

With the right tools and internet access these professionals can work from anywhere in the world, making their performance in the job market even more dynamic, and expanding the possibilities of solutions that we can reach to supply the demand for this professional in the US industry. 

Each case seeks for a solution

The answer to this imminent demand has happened in diverse ways with companies from small to large. Large and medium-sized companies that find it difficult to set up entire in-house teams of technicians have begun to look for other options and have found outsourcing solutions such as the one Frontall USA has been offering.

Along with the demand for technology-oriented services, we have the creation of platforms that mediate the relationship between small companies that need these professionals for occasional resolutions, but do not have the capital to invest in outsourced or in-house contracting. 

From the selection processes we carry out, we realize that the programming area goes through constant changes and updates. Considering that, often, stacks are being modified or even changed for a recent technology. 

We also comprehend that the soft skills continue to be a differential when we talk about candidate selection. Those who have good interpersonal skills end up standing out from the others, i.e., candidates who can communicate well and know how to work in a team have more chances of being approved in a selection process. 

This set of needs in relation to candidates shows that the market needs professionals who are not only skilled, but also able to work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams. 

We know that companies are looking for extremely specific profiles in terms of technical knowledge, because they need professionals that fit their requirements. For this reason, we understand that it is necessary to find a balance between the company’s exigencies and the candidate’s demands, who demand specific working conditions, such as home office because they are very sought after by the industry. 

Companies around the world face difficulties in solving their demands for technology professionals, at the same time as new professionals arrive on the market every day, either migrating or starting their careers. There is room for everyone, which brings us to another difficulty: finding people with a senior profile who can manage, train and mentor the latest talents. 

We do believe that one of the best scenarios in the current job market is in the IT area because there is a massive range of opportunities, which means that many workers are approached daily by companies looking for qualified and up-to-date professionals. So, we understand that the company also needs to offer an attractive opportunity if it wants to retain and keep the best employee. 

The reason this market is booming is because big industry is not going to go digitally backwards. From the edge of the market to the manufactures, processes tend to become more digital and traceable as the years go by. The rush to meet the demands of digitalization requires time and resources. In this scenario, resources stand for not only financial, but also stand for ability in matching the demands of the technological workforce with the companies’ ones that need their skills and know-how. 

As a company specializing in HR Solutions, we’re interested in finding smart solutions for our clients. Starting to understand what you really need. So, to finish today’s text we’ll give you some tips to understand each case your company’s fits well. 

Which HR Solution are you looking for? 

First, you need to have a nice and clear vision of the kind of problem you want to solve. Whether it’s a full project with a big investment (e.g., developing an app) or if it’s something less expensive (like a web site update). 

Are we talking about starting a new project to develop a product or is it a stopgap? If you start something new, you will need a team of specialists, from seniors to juniors. Also, it’s necessary to understand if you need a full-time team in-house or if your company is willing to work with people in different types of shrinkage. 

Now that you understand de problem you need to solve, you can find the best solution for it. 

In the worst case, having to deal with one-off situations, you can find a freelance web site, that matches your necessity to someone that can help you, however it isn’t a long-term agreement, and the professional will not be at your disposal on a daily basis. 

In order to avoid that, you can have a team of skilled professionals. Moreover, you can find this kind of solution with a specialized HR company like Frontall USA or conduct a recruiting process. The process may take a little longer, but it delivers better outcomes. 

Would you like to know more about this kind of business endeavor?  

Our team of specialists can help you!