January 2022 brought something unexpected. 301k workers cut, the biggest since April 2020, the biggest drop since start of the pandemic. The Omicron coronavirus variant has been responsible for a high percentage of these cuts. As the market was expecting a job gain about 207k. This variant lashed the nation, disrupting activity at high-contact business. Which is a temporary setback to the labor market recovery that was already reversing. Biggest job losses occurred in the services sector, followed by leisure and hospitality, trade, transportation, and utilities.

The problem now is finding enough people to fill all those position. And companies are looking for workers who are willing to return to the market, and it hasn’t been easy. Read more about it clicking here

Frontall USA is a staffing agency that works to supply what the market and workers need! To companies, we fill open positions with experienced professionals. As a result, we present workplaces to them that evaluate the dedication and commitment. Both become satisfied and start a long-term association, generating bilateral stability, trust, and continuity. 

Modern and structured companies are part of our portfolio as we offer quality to temporary, direct hiring and outsourcing. We also offer BPO solutions, payroll, training, IT and more, dedicated to the costumers’ needs. 

Come to Frontall USA. We want to share our success that has been present for more than ten years in Latin America and the US. In conclusion, we are going to make your day by day easier. 

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