By August of 2022 we published a blog, with the goal of giving you an overview of how your company could have the best results during the retail increase, that industry always waits for year’s end. Our team anticipated a strong increase in the demands of the markets we serve, and the results were in line with our expectations.

The data we get from Adobe Resource Center (which covers most of the online retailers), about holidays in the U.S., shows us that from Veterans Day to Cyber Monday the sales total revenue is about 180 billion dollars. It’s important to comment that Christmas Eve is on the way, so we expect a bit more. The forecast for the end of the season is 210.1 billion dollars.

We have no doubt that companies that pay attention to their clients and invest in employee training have achieved the goals they expect. The demand for the temporary workforce has increased about 50% during this period, and as an HR Solution, we know that it means our clients were surfing on the hot moment of the market.

After breathing in one of the most uncertain times in global society, we predicted changes in consumer’s behavior, complex market fluctuations, and forecasts that were more about expectations than guarantees, our market surviving with great results from our American people’s great efforts!

In our last blog of the year, we are pleased to keep our values, principles and purpose in mind, always that our time had to face a challenge. We are grateful for the clients who trusted in Frontall USA to take care of from the recruitment process to the management of their teams.

We expect more by 2023, and we hope to find you there!