When you’re looking for the best employees, it’s necessary to understand the candidate’s basic demands, then you’re able to make competitive proposals.

Our market is full of opportunities and people are always looking for a job that can meet their personal and financial needs. So, different from the expected, just a high payment isn’t the most important variable for someone building a working career.

To understand it on a deeper level, we interview some of Frontall USA recruiters. Each of them is specialists on a candidate profile and by their know-how it’s possible to define the minimum expectations of them.

Tech recruitment abroad

Most of the tech candidates are starting their work career. It’s important to emphasize that much of the positions in the tech market are new and come from digital development necessities.

It means they, frequently, are young, have recently finished their degree and are starting their adult life. On the other hand, we have the senior profile, they’re on the market at least for 10 years, have a family and a skilled background.

Both are looking for the same job stability and career development inside of the company. It comes from the reality of the tech market happening among cycles, usually companies hire people to a project and when it’s finished, they fire them.

About their priorities our recruiter Mari, said:

“The salary ends up being the priority because many of them have family and dependents. The second is the home office, because it gives more autonomy to the person, some like to travel to different places and live as digital nomads, for example.

However, some interviewees, when they heard that the position was hybrid, said that if the salary paid off, they could change their minds, so I believe that the salary is still the priority for this profile.”

Mari, Tech recruitment expert

What makes the tech candidate decline the job offer?

  1. The way the vacancy is shown by the company, they don’t like when the vacancy ads don’t have pay scale level, because they don’t have time to lose on a long hiring process.
  2. Presential or hybrid kind of work.

What makes the tech candidate accept the job offer?

  1. In a home office model, most of them are living abroad or want to stay near family, so this kind of work is their favorite one.
  2. Flexible working hours, routinely tech companies work with agility methodology, like Scrum, it means the employee can make a schedule if it ends your tasks.
  3. Working in international companies, international portfolios are a goal for tech people.

Direct hiring recruitment

In the direct hiring candidate profile, we also have the tech recruitment, so the person usually is very well prepared for the vacancy, and we need to hunt them on social media sites like LinkedIn.

Commonly, they have family and good positions at their current job, so if they’re looking for a job it is to get a career upgrade. Sometimes, they’re open to move out but want something near home. For Tech employees home office can be mandatory. Although their priority is to find a company interested in developing a career plan. Joe, our recruiter, comment about it:

“In my contacts with the candidates I notice that they try to understand more about the benefits group, who they will work with, and always ask if there is a possibility of moving up in the company.”

Joe, Direct Hiring expert

What makes the direct hire candidate decline the proposal?

  1. Payment, if the opportunity is good but the gap between the candidate’s current work and the proposal is too big, they refuse it.
  2. Distance of work.
  3. Much long hiring processes.

What makes the direct hire candidate accept the proposal?

  1. Payment, usually these candidates have a nice background, if the proposal reflects it, the ideal candidate will be found quickly.
  2. When the career planning matches the person’s proposal, and the company culture is enjoyable.
  3. The company’s reputation is good.

Temporary recruitment

The temporary employees are mostly adults taking care of a family, but it’s common to find retired people and young ones, starting their professional careers.

Generally, the candidate has done high school, but for technical opportunities we’ll find people with bachelor or associate degrees. People with families usually look for the best opportunities and care about benefits, payment, and location.

Their priority is to find an opportunity that is easy to get in and out, with uncomplicated bureaucracy, sometimes they work in different companies at the same time. The journey of work they prefer can be overtime or reduced work hours, depending on the person’s needs. 

Gabi, temporary recruitment expert

What makes the candidate decline the proposal in Temporary work modality?

  1. The pay rate, how it’s a temporary job they are looking for the best chance to save more money.
  2. The shift, some of them prefer overnight shifts or part-time shifts, depending on the candidate’s needs.
  3. The distance from work, they prefer to work near home or in the shortest distance.

What makes the candidate accept the proposal in Temporary work modality?

  1. The pay rate, when the opportunity is desirable in 20 minutes you have a lot of people interested in the job.
  2. The distance from work, when they’re near home, the time management is easy. It influences the shift the person can work.

The details can help you to understand the candidate’s demands. Now you can figure out why some of them are so difficult to find and if it’s possible adjust your work proposal.

Next blog we’ll share with you some tips from our recruiters. See you!