Over the past few weeks, economists and many market analysts have spent some time wondering what happened to the workers. Many businesses have resumed operations and have been hiring again. For instance, Amazon is looking to hire 75,000 logistics workers.

So what happened? Although some speculate the causes, nobody knows for sure. Some point to the fear of catching Covid-19 at work locations, others simply got accustomed to work from home. Some believe workers are looking for better pay rates, while others are blaming the stimulus check. So far, 20 states plan to end federal unemployment benefits, some states such as Texas are booming and businesses are hiring all over.

While they are still figuring it out, you can’t let your company stall. At Frontal USA we can assist you with all your hiring needs, as we’ve been successfully doing for the past 10 years!

We cover all of the candidate’s paperwork, including recruitment and screening processes, workers’ compensation, and general liability insurance. All according to your needs.

Our hiring processes are made digitally, including digital employment contracts. We provide you a tablet that uses face recognition and geo-localization making it easier to track your personnel and gives you access to detailed reports in real-time monitoring. All of this with top-notch technology and no additional costs.

To learn more about how to use our services and expertise in hiring, contact our sales team..