We are undoubtedly going through a difficult moment in our lives, the world is changing, and with this, so is our view on who the real heroes are.

An article in the Courier Tribune talks about the gratitude people are showing to frontline workers such as doctors and nurses, and rightfully so. However, the article also mentions that there is a new kind of hero emerging, those who before were going unnoticed are now gaining recognition. We are of course talking about those working in essential businesses such as the food industry.

“These workers deserve our thanks, respect and support. It is not just during a health crisis that people need food and hygiene supplies.” – says Amanda Lubinsky, writer of the article ‘Those in supply chain unsung heroes of Great Adaptation’

So, we at Frontall would like to give our thanks to everyone who is braving this difficult moment to make sure the world can keep going.

Frontall understands the importance of the essential business workers, and that is why we are taking all the precautions to guarantee the safety of our staff as well as our temporary workers, our unsung heroes.