It is no secret that technology has been changing the way we work, and for the better. When talking about recruitment, it has helped organizations to reach their goals, as, through technology, organizations can now access a more diverse pool of highly talented people. Job seekers can also benefit from a more efficient hiring process, as well as having access to information about the company, guaranteeing then, a better fit for both the companies and the job seekers.   

This means that, due to constant tech innovation, things are rapidly changing. You need to constantly be on your toes, and keep up with technology, whether it’s learning about how SEO works, how to use digital marketing to your advantage, or even learning some programming languages. And that’s where Frontall comes in.   

At Frontall, we have always been ahead of times by using technology to ease the lives of both the companies and the job seekers. By using tools such as face recognition, for example, we can implement a faster and more accurate system of clocking in/out. Through technology, Frontall can also search for top talents across the globe, guaranteeing a low cost but highly qualified employees for companies that have adapted to remote working.   

With the COVID-19 health crisis, many companies had to stop their operations to guarantee their safety and that of their workers. Some companies, however, had to remain open so the American population could have food and hygiene products. With the help of Frontall, these companies could remain opened and fully staffed in a safe way as our virtual recruitment process allows us to hire personnel safely. Through our recruitment tools, we maintain social distancing ensuring that both the companies and the employees are protected, helping contain the spread of COVID-19.  

The so-called “new normal” is here to stay, as we don’t know how long the pandemic will last or how will our lives be after this has passed, but we do know that the workplace will never be the same. With the implementations of safety precautions like social distancing, temperature checking, and even COVID-19 tests, companies have to quickly pivot and adapt. Frontall is here to help with this adaptation, whether your company is already working or planning to re-enter the post-COVID marketplace.   

If your company doesn’t have a market re-entry plan now is the time to prepare your business for the new normal, and we can help you get your business ready.