Agency arrives in Elizabeth with face recognition technologies to facilitate the recruiting and hiring of temporary and permanent workforce.

The rise of digital technologies facilitates the automation of previously complicated processes. Frontall arrives in The Greater New York City Area to facilitate and reduce costs in hiring processes for demanding entrepreneurs. 

The number of tasks and processes in companies are countless. The advent of technology is increasingly frequent in our daily lives, helping us to optimize the time invested in each process. 

This optimization is due to the automation of internal processes that technology can provides us, helping companies to become less operational, increasing the productivity of their employees. 

One of the technologies that has been assisting Frontall is the face recognition clock in. As its name suggests, this system allows the face of the employee who is punching in to be scanned to ensure his/her identity. When recognized by the system, the employee’s data is recorded on the system, along with the time and place where the punch in takes place. The areas of the face detected are called nodal points, which are often unique, and they allow facial biometrics to be a virtually flawless system. 

The system works in the same way as the algorithm used in social networks that allow the user to tag his friends in photos, giving even suggestions of tags. 

Also, Frontall works with Microsoft 365 Systems, guaranteeing data security and high level of compliance, optimizing hiring time and lowering costs for companies, candidates and new employees. 

All these technologies help in the process of hiring temporary employees.  

Temporary labor: Agile, safe and affordable way to hire. 

Holiday seasons, seasonal periods of increased production, or cover for employee’s absence on leave or vacation, make extra hiring for a certain time inevitable. In these circumstances, the simplest and most affordable solution is the use of temporary workforce. 

Frontall performs the entire recruiting and hiring process with simplicity and expertise, making it the most cost-effective option for business’ owners. 

Walso offer qualified and trained permanent professionals for operational, technical and administrative functions, providing our clients enhanced quality control. 

We prime to benefit our clients’ businesses by optimizing their time and operational costs. Therefore, Frontall is constantly implementing new technologies, adding more value and bringing more convenience to employers and employees. 

These services are all available now near you, in the Greater New York City Area, strategic located in Elizabeth – NJ, to provide businesses with cutting-edge technologies, assist companies with recruiting and hiring processes, and make life easier for people seeking a job or relocation. 

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