The days where the HR department was composed of tons of papers, forms, and documents taking over desks and cabinets are long gone, so are the days when personnel department routines took time from employees from other departments. Today, they need to help employees make better use of their time. Many companies are now embracing the new era and implementing intelligent solutions such as systems that rely on artificial intelligence.

Today, many of the technologies such as control software, behavioral and skills analysis systems, recruitment platforms and online selection, among others have become convenience in companies.

Instead of acting as an assistant, the human resources department has become a true transforming agent of people management. No wonder all of this technology changed the role of HR professionals. Let`s look at some of the main advantages:

  • automation of repetitive tasks;
  • creation of more productive reports for other departments;
  • implementation of constant improvement routines;
  • less use of human and personal resources;
  • outsourcing of non-essential or mechanical tasks;
  • cost reduction.

Modern HR need to keep up with technology innovation. Think of today’s HR as a service provider for the inner public. You need to create products, respond quickly, and respond to common demands in an almost automated way, while answering to specific demands in an extremely customized way.

The human resources department, as its name suggests, needs to be one of the first to innovate in terms of communication and relations — as it deals with people as its primary task. This means:

  • use mobile platforms for communication, as well as messaging applications and corporate social networks;
  • make use of the cloud to traffic, store and make available information and data;
  • create routines that provide real-time data;
  • offer service in distinctive, face-to-face and remote channels.

Technology gives you time to create new products and make better decisions about staff, gives the company time to adjust and adapt to the changes that the market imposes daily etc.

Here are some ways to promote technology in HR:

  • People Analytics

Using People Analytics means analyzing data about people to support decisions involving employees and candidates. More precisely, this technique is useful in selection processes, development programs, performance analysis, and many other people management processes. After all, it is one of the biggest trends in HR!

  • Internal communication tool

Another technological and strategic way to improve people management is to define an internal communication tool that is agile and easily accessible. This helps to avoid information getting lost and efficiency getting compromised.

  • E-learning

We all have access to a lot of information within our hands and it is difficult to focus on traditional courses with so many simultaneous stimuli.

By opting for e-learning programs, it is possible to offer training online and with resources that go beyond the classic exhibition content.

Therefore, it is a good idea to see if there is any training in your organization that can be transformed or created in this format. Search for platforms, applications, and explore this possibility, which, in addition, minimizes operational functions of HR professionals.

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