How to prepare for 2022, knowing that some of what we saw in 2021 will be a continuing trend in the coming year? Workers will continue to search for the best opportunities consistent with their priorities, and this can range from a career change, better salaries, home office, or all of those together.

What companies can do in this scenario just in case they haven’t done it yet? Here are some tips to help you navigate these waters:

-Reassess whether your company is competitive – Are the wages in accordance with what the market is offering?

– Figure out what jobs can be done from home or in a hybrid work model? 

– What kind of benefits are you offering? Does that meet the needs of your workforce? Many workers, mainly women, left their jobs during the pandemic because they couldn’t afford daycare. 

– How is the work culture in your company? Do managers and coworkers treat one another with respect? 

– Are there growth opportunities? Is there an adequate talent retention plan?

These are some of the questions to be evaluated. And finally, maybe the most difficult of it all, if you were looking for a job opportunity on the market, would you consider working for a company such as yours?

In 2022, Frontall USA plans to continually exceed our clients’ expectations providing outstanding services and attracting the best talents.

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