Backoffice definition: The back office is the portion of a company made up of administration and support personnel who are not client-facing.

These are jobs that can be done anywhere in the world. And Why not? Have a skilled bilingual staff of your choice to perform the same tasks previously executed in your office, but at almost half of the cost. That’s not a new scenario, it’s been happening for years, and now, more than ever. During the pandemic, many companies throughout the world sent office workers home. They realized people could perform their jobs elsewhere, and didn’t need to be necessarily at the office, it was a big surprise for many businesses. Now with the worst part of the pandemic gone, companies are still keeping their staff at home. Some companies even decided they don’t need a physical office, which saves thousands of dollars in leasing, electric bills, and frees up internal resources for core activities.

Frontall USA has been providing quality outsourcing services to its clients since 2011. Services are available in areas such as IT, Sales, Recruiting, Customer service, and Backoffice among others. We deliver any and all work that can be done remotely with security and quality at a very low cost, allowing not only your company to grow, but also providing a workforce that is currently in short supply in the US.

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